New School Year!

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After two years of COVID uncertainty, school rosters are back to normal and the annual school exams were able to take place on schedule. Nine of our girls are now in high school. The younger ones are still in primary school and are following in the footsteps of their ‘big sisters’. 

Thriving at Lumla Bodong!

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It’s been a while since our last update but we are happy to inform you that your sponsored child is thriving at the Lumla Bodong Nunnery.

Our family has grown!


In August, we welcomed five new girls to our Lumla nunnery. This brings the total number of children in residence to 26. Their ages range from six to 16 years old. 

Tara Bodong Is Celebrating 10 Years!

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Ten years ago, our small group of friends in Hilversum embarked on the journey to give young girls a chance to go to school.

Thank you

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What can we say about 2020? The first word that comes to mind is ‘gratitude’. 

My Voice, Our Equal FutureDay of the Girl 2020


October 11 is International Day of The Girl Child and the theme is My Voice, Our Equal Future.