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Tara Bodong is a Dutch registered ANBI

(Public Benefit Organisation)


Please find below the information as required by the Dutch Tax Authorities

  • the registered name of the organisation is Stichting Tara Bodong (Netherlands)

  • the RSIN, or fiscal number is 850325511

  • contact details of Stichting Tara Bodong (Netherlands) is Hyacintenlaan 53A, 1215 BB Hilversum.

  • the board of the Stichting consists of three people: Debbie Wirtjes-Lewis, Christian Horn and Vincent van den Hurk.

  • for the “Beleidsplan” or policy document please see link: Beleidsplan 2019/2021

  • the renumeration policy of Stichting Tara Bodong (Netherlands) is that none of the board members, nor the volunteers is paid a salary. All work is voluntary.

  • the mission of Stichting Tara Bodong (Netherlands) is the support of small scale humanitarian projects in India and Nepal, through (financial and non-financial) donations and the transfer of knowledge.

  • for an overview of activities please select a year from the following links:  Activities Report 2019, Activities Report 2018, Activities Report 2017, Activities-Report-2016.

  • for financial accountability please select a year from the following links: Financial Report 2021, Financial Report 2020Financial Report 2019, Financial Report 2018Financial Report 2017.

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