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How to Give

The members and friends of Tara Bodong (Netherlands) appreciate your donation. There are several ways you can financially support our project.

You can choose to make a one time contribution using the Donate button below, via PayPal, or via a direct contribution to our bank. IBAN: NL23 RABO 0115 1384 47
Sponsorship Programme
You can also become a regular sponsor. Read more about our sponsorship programme and what it means to be a sponsor. If you would like to be a regular sponsor, you can choose between two types of sponsorships:

1) In
dividual Girl Sponsorship: for just €45 per month you can sponsor an individual girl and help her get an education, lodging, clothing, food and anything else she might need. If you consider taking on this responsibility, please use the Donate button below or download the TB Individual Sponsorship Form, complete and sign it and send the form by post or email. We will get in touch with you to provide further details. 

2) General Sponsorship: this can be an amount of your choice which you will donate on a regular basis to support the general upkeep and maintenance of the facility. Please use the Do
nate button below or download the General Sponsorship Form here.

If you would like to make a one time donation: 

Transfer via Bank Account

Bank: Rabobank Hilversum

Account name: Stichting Tara Bodong (Netherlands)

IBAN: NL23 RABO 0115 1384 47


Transfer via PayPal


Paypal: The safer, easier way to pay online

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