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Generous Donation from Roland Holst College, Hilversum

Back in October 2019, the Roland Holst College in Hilversum organised its annual  “Goede Doelen Markt”, where Tara Bodong was one of 11 charities that engaged with 1st year students to motivate them to carry out their own fundraising efforts. We were very excited that a total of 26 students from 7 teams selected us as their charity of choice. In early March, the students presented their results from activities which ranged from bake sales, washing cars to organising music concerts at home. The students raised a whopping total of €1.725, with just one group alone raising the highest amount ever of any Roland Holst team of €1.233! 


We would like to thank the school and congratulate its dedicated students for their creative ideas and hard work. We are grateful - not only for the generous gift of your energy, time and financial support, but also for sharing the stories of these 21 young girls all the way in Lumla. Because of your help, they are getting a chance to make better future for themselves, their families and their communities!

Tara Bodong

Tara Bodong gives young girls a chance at education. We support small scale humanitarian projects in India and Nepal through donations and knowledge transfer. Our main project is the Lumla Nunnery/ Girls’ school in Lumla, Arunachal Pradesh, NE India. 

Email: info@tarabodong.org

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The members and friends of Tara Bodong (Netherlands) appreciate your donation. We will do our very best to make sure that every contribution we receive will go entirely to the nunnery/girls’ school.

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