Tara Bodong Foundation (Netherlands) is a charitable organization that supports humanitarian projects in the Himalayan region of Northeast India. Our mission is to improve the living conditions of local people living in the area. We do this through (financial and non-financial) donations, capacity building and knowledge transfer.


Our main project is the Lumla Bodong Nunnery / Girls' School, which provides a safe home and access to education for young girls. This facility houses and provides supplementary education to young girls from mostly nomadic families in mountain villages around Lumla. Lumla is located in the Tawang district of Arunachal Pradesh and shares a border with Bhutan and Tibet (China). 

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Celebrating 10 Years

Ten years ago, our small group of friends in Hilversum embarked on the journey to give young girls living in the mountainous village of Lumla, Arunachal Pradesh a chance to go to school. Today, we are proud to say that 21 girls are living at the Tara Bodong Nunnery. Your support pays for their supervision, school uniforms, clothes, meals and all other living expenses. The result is that six of the oldest girls will graduate from middle school this summer and be able to continue to high school, which is also located close to the nunnery.  To mark this important anniversary, and the success of our project - we made a short video which can be seen via this link. You can also find the video on our website, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram, so please feel free to share! 


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Schools have reopened in India and our girls are back in the classroom! Who would have thought that children would be so happy to be back in school, but after so many months away, they are all grateful to be able to see their friends again and get back to their old routine. 


Although some of the children were fortunate enough to visit their families during the lockdown, others remained behind at the nunnery under the supervision of Pema Deki and Tashi Drema, who did their best to make sure that they did not fall behind in their studies. Because there were fewer residents at the nunnery, we were able to save some money on living expenses. This was used to buy some new coats for the girls, kitchen supplies and furniture. We also provided some delicious treats for them to enjoy as they celebrated Losar - the Tibetan New Year. This celebration took place from 12 to 15 February and is their biggest feast day of the year. 


We are happy to be able to share this picture of the girls in their school uniforms which were sent to us by our local committee, the Lumla Bodong Tashi Choeling Charitable Organisation. 

Tara Bodong is Celebrating 10 Years
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The Impact of a Sponsor


The mountainous hillsides around Lumla are dotted with nomadic families desperate to give their girls a chance at a better life. Since 2014, each girl at our Lumla Nunnery/Girls’ School has received individual sponsorship. With your support these inspiring young women are on their way to becoming independent thinkers who will help improve the situation in their local communities for generations to come.
For just €45 per month you can change a girl’s life, who can then change an entire community! Your contribution provides access to lodging, clothes, food, school uniforms, books, and anything else she might need, to become a self-reliant, contributing member of her community and the world at large. 
Click here to find our more about our sponsorship programme or donate. 

Life in Lumla